From my new book, “The Thriving Vegan” (available on Amazon)

The Guardian calls 2019 “The Year of the Vegan”

Maclean’s—one of Canada’s oldest magazines—has declared 2019 “The Year of the Vegan”

The Economist’s “The World in 2019” predicts that veganism will be the most popular topic of the new year, declaring 2019 “The Year Veganism Goes Mainstream”.

Forbes published an article predicting that 2019 will be the year more people “Embrace a Plant-Based Lifestyle”.

10 signs that things are changing and why I believe that 2019 Will Be a Pivotal Year in Determining What Foods Human Beings Will Be Consuming in the Future:

1 Decades of research and studies are proving that plant based foods can prevent and reverse severe illnesses and chronic diseases.

2 Doctors and Health Care Professionals are offering free online plant based conferences and forums covering various health topics.

3 Online documentaries (i.e. Netflix) are exposing the global horrors of animal exploitation on factory farms.

4 Besides the negative effects that automobiles and industry are having on world climate, the latest scientific studies are now providing evidence that shows the impact that factory farms are having on the environment, including the contamination and reduction of global water supplies and available arable land.

5 In the United States, institutions such as The American Medical Association, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society have been emphasizing the need to consume more plant based foods in order to avoid chronic diseases.

6 “Big Meat” businesses are investing in plant based foods. Tyson, America’s largest meat producer, invested in the vegan company, Beyond Meat. Canada´s major meat company Maple Leaf Foods has launched an independent subsidiary called Greenleaf Foods that is 100% plant based. Applegate Farms, a subsidiary of meat giant Hormel Foods (Herdez, Skippy, Del Fuerte, Búfalo, Doña María) aims to invest in the $3.7 billion plant-based market. In Chicago, McDonald´s now offers the Vegan Burger and Domino’s Australia, having heard the opinions of the people, will now offer dairy-free cheese pizzas at over 600 locations nationwide. Ice cream giants, Baskin and Robbins and Ben and Jerry´s are now offering dairy free ice cream and Dean Foods Company, the largest dairy producer in the United States known for its DairyPure brand, has invested in the plant-based milk and yogurt company Good Karma Foods. Danone, recently completed it´s purchase of WhiteWave Foods, producer of dairy-free brands such as So Delicious, Silk, and Vega. Maybe these moves by major companies are not because of their interest in our health, but more like an interest in their “bottom line”. Whatever the reason, it´s a step in the right direction.

7 Elite professional and amateur athletes, from a variety of sports (football, soccer, basketball, tennis, basketball, boxing, martial arts, bodybuilders, etc.) are attesting to improved performances and improved health and wellbeing, when they switched to plant based foods.

8 The availability of thousands of simple, as well as gourmet, vegan recipes in health books and on the internet.

9 With the prediction of a global population of 10 billion by 2050, and because of the growing need for freshwater and arable land in order to produce enough meat, dairy and eggs to meet the demand…it is becoming clear that the present trend is not sustainable.

10 On our present course, scientists are predicting catastrophic consequences to the planet and all living creatures…during the next 20 years.


The Four Main Reasons why people become vegans:

A) Personal interest in living a long and healthy life, free from common illnesses and the pain and suffering from chronic diseases.

B) Interest in stopping and reversing the growing world tendency towards starvation and catastrophic disease pandemics such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 Diabetes.

C) Anger and Frustration because of the Exploitation of Animals, especially on factory farms.

D) Belief that climate change is real and that human beings are guilty for much of Earth´s devastation through the destruction of tropical forests and the mismanagement of land and water supplies.

My Take:

“Since human beings are responsible for of creating many of the global problems they now face, they also have the capability of finding the solutions. Once people decide to make the change towards eating more plan

t based instead of animal products, regardless of the main reason (A,B,C or D), it will become clear that a critical part of the solution could always be found on our plates. All we need to do is make the connection.”

On a personal level, although A, B, C and D are important to me, my primary interest and concern is with A: One´s own Personal Health and Well Being. Why? Because, from my perspective, in order to truly help other people, other species, or the planet, we should first help and take care of ourselves.

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