I have always felt that our greatest gift is the gift of life. Yes, we have the gifts of sight and hearing, the ability to think and imagine and to feel joy and love, among other things. But, none of this would be possible if we hadn´t first received the gift of life. However, I´d like to call your attention to another gift, which we don’t often perceive as a gift and, as a result, take it for granted. It is this container or vessel… called the body. It is only through our body that we can experience the gift of life. Without it, life for you and me could not happen. That is the truth. The question is: If we truly accept and understand that our body is a gift and is our life´s only home, shouldn´t we do our utmost to respect it and take care of it, so that our experience of this “once in a lifetime” life becomes a wonderful and enjoyable journey?

happy friends in summertime

On the contrary, if we do not accept it and understand it´s preciousness, taking proper care of our body will not be that important. Instead, it will take it´s place at the bottom of our list of our priorities…below accumulating wealth, having a career, getting an education, buying a car, etc. As a consequence and as the years pass by, we may find ourselves a victim of the pain and suffering from illness and chronic diseases, that can surely make the journey of life…a nightmare.


1) Eating well must be our #1 priority: This means choosing the foods that best promote optimal health and wellbeing while providing us with the capacity to prevent and even reverse certain chronic diseases. Based on 9 years of experience and research I strongly recommend the “long term” potential benefits of a Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) diet, low in fat and sugar as well as processed foods. High in fiber, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, these are the foundation foods that humans have been consuming during 90% of their evolution, which began 2,000,000 years ago (homo erectus).

2) Keep on moving: Exercising moderately and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can help us achieve healthy body weight, boost the immune system, prevent and treat high blood pressure and improve mood and quality of sleep. It´s a healthful addition to a WFPB diet.

3) Stress reduction: Stress is our body´s natural reaction to extreme situations such as fear and impending danger. The body produces stress hormones, such as adrenaline, so we have more energy to survive a dangerous incident. Unfortunately, in today´s world, we are faced with many situations that cause continuous stress resulting in the excessive release of hormones that can take an enormous toll on our bodies and our minds…often leading to disease and depression.

Meditation, yoga, stretching exercises, etc. help us to stay centered and calm and help to reduce the often debilitating effects that sustained emotional stress can have on us. People who regularly practice these techniques are often able to separate themselves from their problems and the ups and downs of daily life which helps reduce the effects of stress.

At birth, except for a few exceptions, the body comes into this world as a pristine and unblemished being. It´s a “white slate” that feels and experiences through the senses and interprets these experiences via the brain. What is written on that slate is each person´s responsibility. I believe that, if my body could express it´s deepest want, it would be to stay in that pristine state so that I, the inhabitant of my body, can thrive for many years…free of pain and suffering. It´s not only possible… it´s the way it was meant to be.

What would be our own body´s message to ourselves: “Take care of me so that I can take care of you…so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.”

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