Until that time when you know for sure that a certain way of eating is working for you and giving the positive results you want, you are most probably in the mode of believing. Maybe you´re trying a diet out because of something you read or someone you know told you about it or like the old adage says, “People like to hear good news about their bad habits”, so you look for something that coincides with what you´re presently doing. At that point you´re trusting blindly because you don´t really know for sure. That´s why I say that eventually believing should always lead to knowing. The best is to know that what your doing is actually working because then, for you the searching has stopped.  Now, instead of the need to continue checking out different options you have the opportunity to grow by building upon what you now know.

My suggestion to anyone looking for alternative nutrition solutions is, before you decide on a particular diet to follow, do your research and find out more about the person who created the diet, including his or her physical appearance. If they´re promoting a diet for the heart or for weight loss, do they look healthy, are they slim or overweight? You may be surprised how many authors promoting weight loss are overweight. It may not seem that important but I go along with the motto “practice what you preach”. Also, and super important, what facts, studies or investigations are they basing their diet on? How long are their lists of references in their book or article? History of the diet (i.e. a diet in existence for 5 or 10 years will hardly be able to predict long term results). And finally, what are they really promoting (books, vitamins, courses)? and, how much these products are influencing them and indicating a definite bias?

For years I was a customer of a well known vitamin company which also sent out a monthly magazine to their customers, as part of the subscription. The magazine had very informative articles on a wide range of themes, all related to nutrition. One day I realized that although nutrition was a major focus as well as the diseases caused by poor nutrition, almost no space was dedicated to healthy food options. Instead, in every magazine, two or three pages after a specific article on illness or disease, there it was…the vitamin or mineral supplement that will help deal with the problem. For years I would take their supplements and believe you me, they weren´t cheap. Finally I realized that, like the pharmaceutical industry, the supplement industry is big business as well and that´s why, wherever we turn, their products are being promoted (supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores, yoga centers, etc.). Yet, there is still the lack of conclusive evidence as to how much to take or whether the body is actually using what we´re taking and whether or not supplements really work, short or long term. And in fact, whether or not supplements are really healthy for us (we know they are healthy for the over $60 billion U.S. supplements industry). Again, do we “believe” or do we “know”? I haven´t been taking supplements since 2012… and I haven´t missed them at all.


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