What most people don´t know is that the medical profession, including doctors, drugs and hospitals, is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States…. producing over 400,000 annual deaths, only exceeded by heart disease (600,000+) and cancer (600,000+) (Journal of the American Medical Association).

The reasons for this are:
Patients not following medication indications
• Wrong medications given to patients
• Infections acquired in hospitals
• Unnecessary surgeries
• Errors in surgery
• Prescription drug side effects (over 200,000)


This is well documented information that members of the medical profession are aware of and we are not. Why are we not aware of this data? Is this being kept from us? Well, for one thing, imagine if you had this this information. Might you not look at doctors, hospitals and prescription drugs from a different perspective and with more scrutiny?

Now, don´t get me wrong. I never underestimate the important role of doctors. For example, their value is obvious when it comes to:

*Repairing fractures
*Healing wounds
*Curing infections with medication
*Relieving pain and discomfort with medication
*Removing the symptoms of illness and chronic disease
*Saving lives through chemotherapy, surgery and radiation

However, when it comes to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases, before they actually happen, the great majority of doctors are not prepared for that, simply because that was not a priority of their education.

So, if that statement is true, what can we do to prevent and reverse diseases? First of all, we need to accept that the solution is mainly up to us…that we´re the ones that will make a difference. That we´re the ones that need to empower ourselves with the responsibility of doing all we can do to remain healthy.

It´s so important to remember that our body is our friend. It´s objective is to be in harmony and when it is, we feel good…with no pain or discomfort. We feel so comfortable that we don´t even notice it and we “know” that this physical state is the way it´s supposed to be. Yet, to achieve this state of wellbeing our bodies are involved in a constant war (24/7) with external and internal invaders that are trying to dethrone it´s protective army…the immune system. The results: Illness and disease, whether it be the flu, the common cold or a more serious threat. So, while we´re dealing with our life´s circumstances and problem solving, we are oblivious to the battles that our “friend” is constantly involved in…just to keep us healthy.


So, our responsibility actually is to help our body fight it´s “battles” by not getting in it´s way…and by adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising, avoiding stress


and most important…making plant powered foods the foundation of our health. If we do this then we will most probably reduce our dependency on the medical profession, to tell us what we need to do and rely more on our own understanding? Think of some of the perks! Less worry and fear about getting sick, feeling healthier and with more energy, reaching one´s ideal weight, having the potencial of living a longer, healthier life and spending less money on medical care.


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