About three months ago I began to promote some of my nutrition posts on my Facebook page without knowing what results it would bring. I´ve been pleasantly surprised about the number of people who have had the opportunity to read what I have to say…more than 60,000 and counting. People have responded in many different ways to the information that I´m sharing, but what has really caught my attention are the number of people who have responded because their beliefs on nutrition have been challenged… beliefs that are deep rooted. To accept that one´s beliefs maybe wrong is not easy for most people…it´s just not a comfortable feeling. It requires a person to be open to seeing things in a new light and that´s not so simple, especially with regards to beliefs that we have been cherishing for a long time…even since early childhood. Some of these beliefs about nutrition are so strong that they have actually become part of our culture. To challenge that is not an easy task. Yet, because of my understanding and knowledge of the power and benefits of whole food vegan nutrition and it´s capacity to prevent and even reverse chronic diseases…I´m more than willing to accept the challenge.

What´s very important for me is that what I write makes sense to the reader…it´s as simple as that. There is so much conflicting information on nutrition out there the question is, how can we discern what is true and what is false? Yet, I am convinced that when something makes sense to us it goes beyond our thought process. It touches us a little deeper and as a result, we understand something that we didn´t understand before.

So, my goal is to make sense…to you the reader.

Once a new idea makes sense then a belief can become “knowing”. That comes about when we decide to make a change and begin to experience improvement to our health. Without that “knowing” we just continue believing.
As a first step for anyone who would like to learn a new approach to nutrition, one that make sense, I suggest watching the wonderful and powerful documentary “Forks over Knives” (Tenedores contra Cuchillos), It´s available for free on Netflix and youtube and has Spanish subtitles. The documentary is fact based and includes interviews with reknowned doctors, nutritionists and experts in the field of nutrition.

As a follow up, another impacting video is “What the Health”, also available with Spanish subtitles on Netflix and youtube. It takes a different approach to nutrition by confronting and exposing the powerful industries of Agriculture and Dairy as well as highly respected organizations such as the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society.

Take care,

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