I saw this sentence on the cover of a book I just read and thought it would be a good way to start this post, especially because of how we are being bombarded by information every moment…information that comes from others, the internet, our cell phones, TV, newspapers, etc. And every moment we need to choose what to believe from this myriad influx of ideas. As a result we carve our way through this life following one or another belief, many times not knowing how they will indeed affect us.

Yet, somewhere along the way we need to transform what we believe into what we know or else we´ll be pinballing all over the place, bouncing from one belief to another and this is really important with regards to one of the essential things in life…our physical health.

Previously, I listed 36 different diet options that run from the unknown diets (i.e., Hacker´s Diet, Hallelujah Diet, Breatharian Diet, etc.) to the very popular ones (i.e., Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet, Mediterranean Diet, etc.) and if we just consider that number of options it could be quite confusing, especially if your hopping around from one diet to another without getting much satisfaction and unable to reach your goals…long term.

At this time I would like to present to you a known fact:

Populations worldwide that follow a whole food vegan diet (i.e. rural China and Japan and parts of Africa) rarely suffer from the same diseases that are rampant in western societies (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.).

Dr. Michael Greger, on diet and heart disease, from his book “How Not to Die”, a NY Times best seller, writes:

Dr. Greger

“The extraordinarily low rates of heart disease in rural China and Africa have been attributed to the extraordinarily low levels of Cholesterol among these populations. Though Chinese and African diets are very different, they share commonalities: They are both centered on plant-derived foods, such as grains and vegetables. By eating so much fiber and so little animal fat, there total cholesterol levels averaged under 150mg/dL, similar to people who eat contemporary plant based diets.

An LDL (bad cholesterol) level of 70mg/dL corresponds to a total cholesterol reading of 150, the level below which no deaths from coronary heart disease were reported in the famous Framingham Heart Study, a generations-long project to identify risk factors for heart disease. The population target should therefore be a total cholesterol level under 150mg/dL. “If such a goal was created,” Dr. Roberts (author of the Study) wrote, “the great scourge of the western world would be essentially eliminated.”

I think that it’s about time that we humans take our heads out of the sand and pay attention to the simple fact that people and cultures on the Standard American Diet, with their pharmaceutical drugs, supplements and all the advances in medical technology and research, continue to suffer and die from diseases that almost don´t exist among people and cultures on a WFPB diet.

The question is, why is this simple and critical information and all it implies, not common knowledge?

A) Is it because the people we rely on and trust don´t know this information?

B) Is it because they really do know and don´t want us to know this information?

C) Could it be both A and B?

To be continued…

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