If I were to ask you the question, “What do you want?”, what would be your response?
You could say, “I want more money or a new house or a new car or a new wife or husband, etc.?”

But, if I ask you, “what do you really want?”, then you would probably mull over the question a little bit more… trying to touch a deeper meaning inside. Finally, your response could be more like, “I want to be happy” or, “I want to be in peace and harmony” or, “I just want to feel good.” Because, if you´re not feeling well, on a deeper level, then how much can you really enjoy all those other things you said you wanted?
That brings us to a hypothetical question, “what does your body want?” Could it be fundamentally the same as what you want… to be happy, to be in peace and harmony, to feel good? The very fact that our physical body and it´s immune system is constantly fighting to be comfortable and to be free of disease and pain, seems to support that train of thought.

Just as we need to be reminded of what we really want, we also need to be reminded of what our body really wants, beyond the taste of the food we put in our mouths…and that is to be healthy. The body´s desire to be healthy is so powerful that, not only does it make unceasing efforts to avoid illness and disease, but also strives to reverse any diseases we may already have. And this can happen if we help it by not getting in it´s way. As a result, little by little, we can improve our relationship with our body. We can listen to it and respond to it´s needs and, in turn, we will receive the gift of good health. And it´s not only the chronic diseases that we can protected from but also the protection against and quick recovery from the colds and flus that bother us every year.

Reversing type 2 diabetes

Because it is now becoming a pandemic and has had such a devastating effect on children worldwide, the reversal of this disease needs to become a medical priority. Wouldn´t it be wonderful if our doctor told us that we have two options with regards to our diabetes 2. 1) We can continue to take the prescribed medicines for the rest of our lives with the hope of not succumbing to the painful ravages of the disease or 2) we change our eating habits and have a very good chance to be free of the disease, within a short period of time. Although, unfortunately, most doctors will not give us the options, there are those that will. They are the ones who carry the hope as well as the experience of reversing the disease.

Dr. John McDougall:

“Drug therapy has consistently failed patients with type-2 diabetes, and their well-intended doctors, making the search for an alternative treatment imperative. Since the rich Western diet is agreed to be the cause of this epidemic, should diet not be the first place to look for the prevention and the cure? Written reports on the benefits of a low-fat, high-carbohydrate, plant-food-based diet on type-2 diabetes date back to at least 1930. Several published studies demonstrate how type-2 diabetics can stop insulin and get off diabetic oral medications with a change in diet. One goalpost is weight loss to the point of normal body weight, at this time the blood sugars of most patients diagnosed with type-2 diabetes will become normal, and then everyone will agree that no further treatment with medications is needed.

By great good fortune, this same low-fat, no-cholesterol diet successfully used for diet-therapy for diabetes has been shown to prevent and treat heart and kidney disease, and prevent many common forms of cancer. Heart disease accounts for 70% of the deaths in diabetics, diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure, and cancer is more common in diabetics.

Uninformed and purposely misled, as is the case now, the patient cannot get well and the doctor is ineffective in carrying out his or her duties. Consideration for the truth, and the appropriate medical practices that must follow, would change the entire healthcare system for the good, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes substantially”.

In Part 3, you´ll read about what other “wise” doctors have to say about reversing Type 2 Diabetes.


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