Until that time when you “know” for sure that a certain way of eating is working for you and giving the positive health results you want, you are most probably in the mode of believing. Maybe you´re trying a diet out because of a book or article you read or someone you know told you about it or it´s the latest “craze”. As the old adage says, people like to hear good news about their bad habits”, so they search for a diet plan that resembles what they´re presently consuming and therefore requires a minimum of effort to change…regardless of the long term health results. At that point you´re trusting blindly because you don´t really know for sure if the specific diet will work or not. That´s why it´s important that believing eventually leads to knowing because, if it doesn´t, you might end up hopping from one failed diet to another…endlessly (Wikipedia lists more than 90 different diets). However, once you know, for you the search and experimentation is over. You have found a nutrition path that works for you. Case closed. Now, instead of the need to continue checking out different options, you have a wonderful opportunity to achieve optimal health and wellbeing…based upon a foundation of “knowing”.

My suggestion is, before you decide on a particular diet to follow, do the research and find out more about the person who actually created the diet, including, believe it or not, his or her physical appearance. If doctors or nutritionists are promoting diets for the heart or for losing weight, do they look healthy and trim or are they overweight? It may not seem that important but I go along with practice what you preach. For example, if a cardiologist is obese or overweight, chances are that he or she will favor medicines over diet. You have to decide what you want.


• What facts, studies or investigations are they basing their diet on?
• Who is funding the studies that support the diet?
• What is the history of the diet (i.e., a diet in existence for 5 or 10 years will hardly be able to predict long term health results)?
• What is the author (books, vitamins, courses) and do these products  indicate a bias towards what they´re promoting?

A TIP: Since doing the above investigation can be time consuming and even require certain expertise and training, I´m happy to share with you the following option:

Dr. Michael Greger, the author of the NY Times Best Seller “How Not to Die”, is an internationally recognized speaker and expert on nutrition, food safety and public health issues.

His website, is nonprofit and science based. He provides free daily videos and articles. Every year, his team of volunteers research more than 10,000 nutrition studies. In other words, he does the investigation and research for us. Once on his site you can search any health and nutrition topic.

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