“Not all Vegans are Created Equal” simply means that following a vegan diet doesn´t guarantee that it´s a healthy diet, it just signifies that you´re not consuming animal products. If you eat processed and refined foods, like sugars, white flours and white rice, you´re not eating much healthier than someone on the Standard American Diet (SAD) of meat, dairy, eggs and refined and processed foods. In other words, you can eat only potato chips and donuts and drink coca cola every day and rightfully call yourself a vegan but, how healthy is that? What I´m emphasizing here is Whole Food Vegan or Whole Food Plant Based nutrition, where the word “Whole” is key. The more processed foods are the greater the odds are for illness and chronic disease, somewhere down the line. So, if you know of someone who claims to be vegan but does not appear particularly healthy it could be because the quality of the food is not really his or her priority. 


Because people become vegans for different reasons:

  1. For Personal Health and Wellbeing
  2. Against Animal Exploitation and Cruelty
  3. Survival of the Planet (Climate Change).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              In other words, if a “vegan´s” interest is mainly on 2 and 3, chances are that he or she may be compromising their health. In my opinion, since all 3 reasons are extremely important, for the survival of all species (including human beings) and the planet, the focus should be on all three.                

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