Not all vegans are created equal

The objective of this post is help those interested in Whole Food Vegan Nutrition understand a little more about what healthy eating implies. The title, “Not all Vegans are Created Equal” simply means that following a vegan diet doesn´t guarantee that it´s a healthy diet, it just signifies that your not consuming animal products. If you eat processed and refined foods, like sugars, white flours and white rice, you´re not eating much healthier than someone on the Standard American Diet (SAD). In other words, you can eat potato chips and donuts and drink coca cola every day and call yourself a vegan but, I wouldn´t take their nutrition advice too seriously. What I´m talking about here is Whole Food Vegan, where the word “Whole” is key… as compared to processed. So, if you know someone who says they´re vegan I suggest you dig a little deeper, to find out what they are consuming.

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